Mary Coyne Rowell Jackman

1904 – 1994

GCLJ, D.Litt.S. YWCA Woman of Distinction, LL.D.

An active Methodist/United Church member and passionate believer in the Social Gospel, Mary Jackman promoted both ecumenical and international awareness and cooperation. A scholar and collector of Virginia Woolf and Canadian Art, she was a generous benefactor to artists, libraries, and galleries. She supported women’s education, culture and legal rights. Mother and protector of Henry (Hal), Eric, Edward and Nancy Ruth.

Mary’s commitment to Metropolitan United Church was life-long. Her social concern resulted in the nursery school for local children in the 1930s, her artistic sensibility contributed to the Dayspring Festivals & the Summer In The Park program. From her constant work in the Women’s Missionary Society to her war wok, from her social service work with the Women’s Association to her administrative work as a trustee and board member, Mary combined her passionate belief in Christianity, ecumenism & the Social Gospel, with innovative & practical measures to keep faith rooted in the real world.

Dayspring from on high hath visited us.

Over her lifetime, Mary Coyne Rowell Jackman was involved in the following organizations:

CGIT (Canadian Girls in Training) 1915-1917, Member

Head Girl, King’s Hall, Compton, 1920-1921

University Literary Society, Victoria College, 1921-1925, Member

Student Christian Movement, 1921-1925, Member

Bachelor of Arts, Victoria University, 1925

WSCF (World Student Christian Federation), 1925-1990, Member

Women’s Association, 1930-1935, President, Metropolitan United Church

CIIA (Canadian Institute of International Affairs), Founder, Women’s Committee, 1931-1975

Bond Street Nursery School, 1935-1937, President and Co-founder

Rosedale Public Home and School Association, President late 1930’s.

This is where Mary mt Louise Comfort and Charles Comfort (later head of the National Gallery of Canada and organizer of the cottage murals from the collage to the gallery).

Rosedale Conservative Association, member and supporter throughout her adult life, as were her husband and 3 children

Heliconian Club, 1930’s-1940’s, Member

Women’s Red Cross Committee, 1940-1947, President, Metropolitan United Church

YWCA National, assisted in many ways, supporting YWCA staff from Eastern Europe whose work was transferred to Canada because of WWII, from 1940-1947

Toronto Women’s Art Association, 1930’s-1940’s, Member

Women’s Committee, Art Gallery of Toronto, (Ontario), 1948-mid-1960’s

The Picture Loan Society, 1938-1960’s, started her art collection

Wymilwood, Victoria University, Building Committee, head of the modern furnishing committee, 1950’s

Board Metropolitan United Church, 1950’s

Virginia Woolf Collection was started in the 1950’s after the war

Studied to be an art critic at University of Toronto, 1952

Ecumenical Institute of Canada 1950’s-1980’s, Member

World Council of Churches, 1950’s-1980’s, Member

Worship Committee, Metropolitan United Church, 1960’s

Clark Institute of Psychiatry, 1960’s, Volunteer

Leader in ecumenical studies between Catholic and Protestant Canadians in the 1960’s-1990, through the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem. MCTJ became a Dame Grand Cross of the Order

Dayspring Festival, Metropolitan United Church, 1970’s, Organizer

Out of the Cold, 1970’s, Volunteer

Summer in the Park, 1970’s, Volunteer

Board of Trustees, Metropolitan United Church, 1980-1985

Jackman Foundation, President, 1980-1985

Doctor of Sacred Letters, Victoria University, 1984

Woman of Distinction Award, Toronto YWCA, 1988

Doctorate of Laws, University of Toronto 1992

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Inauguration of the MacCallum Cottage Room at the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, 1969. Photo by John Evans.

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Sara and Eric Jackman

Jean-Paul Riopelle, Composition, 1952, oil, Elliott Gallery, Art Gallery of Ontario

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  • Nancy Ruth
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