Mary Coyne Rowell Jackman

A Person in Her Own Right

Like all women in all times, Mary struggled with who she was and the life she wanted to live. Born in 1904 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Mary was buffeted by the winds of many expectations – family, faith, education, marriage, motherhood and community. This film is about her journey to live her values.

Mary’s story is both universal and unique. Women as a group face historical realities, which they meet in their own ways with what is available to them. Mary knew her resources were considerable, and so she made considerable demands on herself.

Mary, who died in 1994, loved northern Canada’s pine trees. Growing around the world, pine trees are adaptable and hardy survivors that symbolize strength, stubbornness, virtue, inspiration, wisdom and longevity. Drawing on her intellect and creativity, her international experiences and orientation, her strong convictions about what it takes to build healthy communities, and her vision for Canada, Mary Coyne Rowell Jackman found her own path, a singular path.

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